Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Are you interested?

This post is supposed to be about something that you are interested in. Recently since summer is coming, softball has started. My groups of friends have been pressuring me, in a good way to play. I used to play when I was younger but then we moved so I had to stop. So last night, they were practicing at the field at my dad decided to watch and talk to the coach about. Well it turns I am now trying out softball for the week then I am going to see how I will like it! I’m starting to really like the idea and I am becoming interested. Now it’s your turn, what are you interested in? 

Monday, April 30, 2012

My Creativity!

Recently I made this drawling because well I was bored but it turned out I really liked it. I like the quotes and the background is the best thing about it. The different colors are vibrant and fun but then the words make the drawling worth something. That's what I want for it to mean something. For people to know that life means something to everyone. Everyone wants something different and we should all go for it. Let this picture be a inspiration to all of us. Start living your dream! Have fun. (:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's your dream job?

My dream job is to be a actress, to be a writer, to be known. I want to be these things because they are fun to me and have a blast doing them. Acting is something that I think is fun, exciting, and well I just love it. Writing, writing is a time when I'm set free and allowed to do whatever I want. I can express myself creatively and let loose. Yes, my hand hurts after awhile but I don't want to stop. Ideas are just pouring out of my head when I write. I can be who I want when I'm writing. I can be unique. Now that I shared my dreams, tell me yours. Achieve them, believe in them. I'm cheering you on. It's your turn, what's your dream?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Making it Global

Wangari Maahtai

Wangari Maahtai is a woman from Kenya who won a Nobel Peace Prize. The reason why she won the Nobel Peace Prize is because she is the founder of "Green Belt". Green Belt is a foundation that helps people have a decent living place to be at. This is also a educational movement as well. This movement is to help people and help the environment around us. With this it is a inspirational act that for the African people to help them get through the hard times that they have been having. They are trying to make Africa and the world a better place to live in. I hope everything goes as planned and all things just get a little better as the time goes on. Good luck!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Just dance! Let loose, have some fun, and dance! Me, myself am not a very good dancer but hey I love doing it. It is a lot of fun for me and I think for everybody! I love this because it not only goes with my topic but makes you laugh and you get to have with it. Dancing, I guess expresses yourself and I have a blast doing it. When I'm doing my homework in the living room and I have the music up. I take breaks when my parents aren't there and let loose. Having fun is a big part of my life without life would boring. When you have music on and there was no fun all you would do is stand there. Remember, F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anyone, anyone at all down here in the deep blue sea. (Only on land too) (;

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Forget To:

I love smiling. It will be something I do everyday. Life without laughter, smiling, or even just having fun would be like ice cream but with no hershey syrup. Everyone has sad days, including me so I don't always get to smile. Even when you get knocked, just back up and start all over again. Always remember to smile, laugh, and have fun! You have a great life, all of you do. Other people do have it was then you. Life is short, spend it like you want to. Hope you live life to the fullest. Good luck. (:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stay Beautiful!(:

Need I say more. Summer is almost here! Whether it's going to the pool or just hanging outside getting a tan. Summer is my favorite, but what most people are worried about is there body. There worried that they might be to fat, to skinny, or just feel uncomfortable in their own skin. I guess feeling like that wouldn't be the best feeling in the world. This summer, make a goal for yourself. Workout, make yourself proud of who you are and what you look like. With people looking at you, you feel insecure. Trust me, being yourself is the best thing you can be. People love who you are. Stay strong.